Back To School:How’s it going?

Most students are back at school. The September phase that I like to call “transition” is in place.  It’s the settling in period- for parents, college students, and K-12’s alike.  Teachers must experience this too.  It’s about becoming comfortable with new terrain.  In my experience, “transition” seems to last approximately  two weeks.

I’ve  played with a couple of visual translations of the “transition” state. They are all digital illustrations, and I’ve included the steps in the process of making them.

I’d love to illustrate your “transition” stories throughout the month of September. So, leave me a comment describing how you’re feeling about going back to school. How was the first day?  Do you find yourself lodging with a particularly interesting new roommate?  Will the first day of middle school vividly reside in your memory forever?  Have you recently graduated, but still feel the pull of this back to school passage?  Parents, teachers, you count too.  How are you feeling about this annual autumnal migration?

Sketches brought to you by the glories of Photoshop and Wacom tablets:

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  1. As the parent of an incoming sophomore, it was fascinating to see the difference from last year. Freshman year was all about anticipation – new school, new friends, new life. You could see it in both the faces of the students and their parents. So much to absorb: the planned activities, the orientations, the moving in. Since my son goes to a school with both a liberal arts college and a music conservatory, there was the added elements of the instruments. So many of the students were carrying cases of varying sizes and shapes, asking their parents to move the unimportant boxes holding books, bedding, clothes or toiletries, while the students gingerly carried their beloved instruments.

    Sophomore year was much more fundamental. While there was still an air of anticipation, it was different. This year was about finding old friends, getting classes organized, checking out the Conservatory building just to breathe the air in again. Whereas freshman year was nervous anticipation, this anticipation was one borne of a feeling of belonging – knowing what lied ahead and eagerly awaiting for it all to begin.

    As parents, my husband and I could feel the rites of passage moving all too quickly. Last year we were a necessity; this year a nice-to-have. Bittersweet, but right. Our son is where he was meant to be. This much we are sure of.

    Probably more than you wanted, Elena, but once I got going….

    1. Thank you Ellynn. Your comment is not only beautifully written, but shot straight to my heartstrings. Tom and I experience the same situation, emotions. Each year everything you wrote is tweaked
      up a bit more, …but, as the relationship changes there will ALWAYS be very strong connection- no matter what.

  2. Karen, thanks for your input. Can’t wait to see the ballet pics!
    Love the mixing of generations at the Golden Goose Academy. Truly wonderful for everybody. I take it that Eva is enjoying her “big girl” status. Kudos to you, for wisely enjoying Eva’s progression. I understand that you are especially pleased to watch Eva take on the world. As both a mom and teacher, September is very much a transitional month for you. I love the “newness” of September myself. Seems appropriate to wish you an early Happy Birthday-Happy Beginnings.

  3. I love this time of year, new classes, cooler weather, football, my birthday etc., etc. Lots of new and firsts this week: Eva started Preschool, Eva also has her first ballerina class on Satuday (I’ll be sure to post pictures) and my little non-profit started 152 students just in Boston, over 600 nation wide. Eva is at The Golden Goose Academy. A day care that is on the bottom floor of an assisted living facility, we love it! Everytime she moves up I’m not sad at all, just really happy with her progress. Maybe it’s the way she came into this world so early and struggled a bit, I just love to see her progress.

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