NJSCBWI-Workshop assignment!

I’ve got to finish my homework.  The annual NJ Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators “Illustrator’s Day” is coming up, and I’m procrastinating.

“Illustrator’s Day ” is an action packed all day workshop. It’s a really cool event, but both the up and downside is dum dum dum dum-homework.  This is how it works:

Each illustrator attending the workshop has the opportunity to illustrate one scene chosen from one of five specific manuscripts.  The illustrator then develops a sketch that is emailed to a fab art director for comment/guidance.  After receiving a crit on the sketch, a final piece is completed by each illustrator, to be presented on the day of the workshop. This is a wonderful opportunity  not only to meet lots of other illustrators, but to have one’s work exposed to the excellent art directors attending the workshop.

I am thrilled to be able to meet Marijka Kostiw, art director at Scholastic.  Ms. Kostiw has already reviewed my sketch.  I’ve got my feedback, and I have indeed started the final piece. To tell the truth, I’m enjoying it.  I chose to illustrate what is for me, a defining moment in the life of a little girl, who must weigh the consequences of her actions. It’s from a lovely chapter book entitled Sally Gal and The Wall- a- kee Man by Shelia P. Moses.

Above is the digital sketch and below, the critique.  I’d include text, but I do not want to infringe on the copyright.


Notes for Elena –

This is really quite wonderful.

I think that the illustration is very good, it captures the moment very well.

I like that there is action and the cropping is very good.

Sallie Gal’s expression is evocative, you want to know this little girl.

I like the idea of the figure on the left, walking off the page but I was confused as to who that was supposed to be?

Is it Sallie Gal or her cousin Wild Cat?

The clothes are different than Sallie Gal’s in the other art, so I assume it is Wild Cat.

But what is Wild Cat doing here?

In the text she is talking to Sallie Gal, here she seems to be alone.

Can you think of a different spot to use here, one that would work better with the text?

It should feel like it belongs with the text on the specific page – other wise it’s confusing and unnecessary.

Maybe you should concentrate on working on just the one piece – it’s really good.


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