A Gentle Android

I am fascinated with android/AI lore.. as much as is reasonable for any healthy grown up person.  I am also constantly working to strengthen my digital painting and illustrative story telling skills.  Therefore, I find myself connected to my mac and tablet for hours at a time.  I clip my Creative Zen Stone mp3 player  to my collar while I work.  It dramatizes hundreds of digitized audio books, just for me.  Ok, yes, wait for it…  a parallel connection.  I need to recharge and escape to the digital world much like an android, (or as I imagine would be necessary for a humanoid android, not the phone or tablet, though they need to recharge as well).  Whew..The reality is, that  I become lost in the work and captivated by the stories through the magic world of digitalization.

That’s where images of my long- suffering family and friends get dragged  kicking and screaming into my right brain.   Above is the gentle and beautiful Emma android.  Thank you and sorry, Emma:)

I’ll post some “making of Emmadroid images next time.

Comments on: "A Gentle Android" (6)

  1. Terry Meier said:

    your work is amazing – each one strikes me with the expressions – i want them around me beacuse they say so much.

  2. Marie Caravela said:

    I always knew you were “different.” However, I must say this is the loveliest depiction of an android I have ever seen — it’s a bit scary.

  3. Judith Flaherty said:

    We all know what a talented artist Elena is and that she expresses herself so beautifully. Thank you Elena for all of the inspiration you have given so many over the years.

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