Last post I was in search of “happy”, but happy can be lofty and complicated.  It looses shape over time.

With this piece, I’m teasing “happy” apart, tossing tiny joyful remnants up into the sky.  Confetti like seconds of wistful memories, imagined impossibilities, desires just before they wane, a heartbeat, and fleeting anticipations; find one another, mingle, mist, then dissipate.

Not to worry.   Joy is loyal and sympathetic.  You can find it nearly everywhere, though more of a challenge on a grey day like today, a flash or glimpse  loiters for a microsecond, inviting recognition.

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Comments on: "Joy" (2)

  1. I love that. The sated contentment of a good mean. Thank you, Cath:)

  2. settleandchase said:

    You wrote these words 5 years ago but just found them now – just love these thoughts. Joy really is a like a good meal compared to Happy Snacks..

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