A bracing breeze just wafted through my window, triggering a pleasant Jersey shore memory…

It feels like early in the season, just before the boardwalk is open, except for one small candy store.  Happily, they have candy necklaces!  Those unhygienic, fabulous elastic beauties that simply cannot be resisted.  You know that you not only look stunning, but you are wearing a treat that will last most of the evening, or at least as long as a satisfying jaunt along the shore, zipped up in last year’s sweatshirt, thrilling to the feeling of  your freezing, wet toes.

Comments on: "Chilly Breezes/Shore Memories" (5)

  1. […] (Shared by artist and blogger Elena Caravela.) […]

  2. Beautiful!! Please check out my digital archive project at I’m trying to capture and collect user-generated memories of time spent at the Jersey Shore. Your image and words so perfectly capture a vivid memory! Please consider sharing this and other memories with us. Thank you!! – Lauren

  3. Marie Caravela said:

    Lovely –the combination of words and painting blend so beautifully that I can FEEL it.
    Thank you.

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