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  1. Dear Elena, through life changes and moves I am picking up threads again and yours is a golden one. There is such loving energy and light in your creations…. ❤

  2. You made it looks so easy, almost just click a camera = because you know all about,
    like your second nature which I can’t mimick. —– so, I settle with twisting a wire 😀

  3. Ah….she’s gone back to paint! Don’t your eyes just love being in front of an easel? You’ve created a wonderful portrait full of light and life. The steps are great – hoping to see more!

  4. Your painting is so beautiful, the detail and the movement is amazing; you have such a good eye! I love the step-by-step description and images you have, I will definitely be using your tips, so thanks for that 🙂

    Again, a very beautiful painting

  5. Gorgeous – you captured her in a priceless moment with grace and beauty. Wonderful handling of the medium! And how lucky your readers are to get this very useful tutorial!

  6. This is a very well done overview; for x-mass; new colors are out –in cerileans, magentas, reds, colbalts…
    As you know there are hundreds of color wheels; I generally think less is better, but these are worth checking out–if you have not already. Also I sometimes bid on E-Bay–but stay on my toes writing down average prices before–hand helps, also you can buy outright 2-3 tubes of reds; this is cheaper and you can buy better grades of paint!

    Thanks for blogging!

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