Pause #11

Gallery + why and how coming next week…….thanks for hanging in……..

Comments on: "Pause #11" (15)

  1. These Pause photos are fascinating – mysterious,soft-focused and, often, beautiful images. The blue in this photo is particularly effective with the eyes matching the material. I like them.

  2. Gigi Galore said:

    Gosh, who is that? Gorgeous painting!

  3. buddhafulkat said:

    I love that shade blue. It’s soft and striking at the same time. The left one draws you in. I also like the texture. Can’t wait to read more about the why and how =)

  4. Jane Thorne said:

    Oh Elena I love this one x

  5. Very lovely painting… 🙂

  6. This is a wonderful oil painting. I just love you special style. In this case it’s really the man’s left eye that stands out and brings a focus to the painting.

  7. Oh, piercing blue eyes! A gorgeous painting. I’m looking forward to the *reveal*

  8. occultoantonio said:

    Very Beautiful, Elena

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