Pause #12, #13

Two more from the Pause Series.

Comments on: "Pause #12, #13" (13)

  1. The distortion creates unique expressions.

  2. These are lovely paintings. The way you have found a way to distort the pictures makes for a very special expression. In both pictures she seems very thoughtful, but it’s almost as she giving up in the second one. Great work.

  3. The change of angle of the head and the distortion in the second portrait change the mood considerably despite the fact that the palette is unchanged. I like Karen’s interpretation.

  4. very beautiful.. 🙂

  5. Oh so beautiful…expressions and colour

  6. I like the thoughtfulness in #1. If you ever decide to do a baby…I know someone you could use!

  7. Wonderful painting Elena, it’s so interesting how you can manipulate your subject this way.
    It seems to me at first she is listening intently and then smirks in reaction. Fascinating and beautiful.

    • I’m so very pleased that you know exactly what I am after with this series. Thanks so very much for your comments and insights. They are appreciated and so very gratifying for me:)

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