Pause Compilation #16

I though it might be interesting to view a compilation of images that all originate from a single subject.

Comments on: "Pause Compilation #16" (7)

  1. Somehow, I got a lot of emotional images from the series. Trippy

  2. Really interesting Elena. The subtleties of expressions is endless with each one transforming as minutely a a human face. Fascinating.

    • Thanks Karen..The subtleties are nearly endless and that’s where I get into trouble-I’m having trouble distancing myself-not taking time to evaluate which are the MOST interesting.

      • I suppose that’s part of the process with this series as it is with me editing photographs.(As you know I like to work in series so I understand what you mean!)

        I find seeing these expressions all together really interesting as you can see how little shifts can change something so much. Like the complexity of true human expression. Great series!

      • Means a lot to me. I really respect your eye/esthetic/artistry.

      • Likewise Elena, thank you.

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