Ok, this carving is quite ridiculous.  It’s name is Snort Snort Brain. Yes, really.

My husband agreed to share his Christmas tree stump carvings with our youngest’s first grade class. This prompted a brainstorm; why not ask the class to give a name to the most recent carving?  My husband promised the class that whatever the majority voted, that name would be honored for all eternity.  So here is Snort Snort Brain:)

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My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. A wonderful name. Now you can take photos of his carvings and create a children” book. Either that or have Snort Snort Brain run for political office. 🙂

  2. I really enjoy the carvings, not least because they are all ‘characters’. It would not be difficult to hold a conversation with any of them. (You could even create empty speech bubbles and invite you viewers to complete them). And, of course, they’re also so tactile.

    1. There’s an idea! I like the thought bubble notion;) My husband is humbled and amused by all of the attention his carvings are inspiring. Thank so much for your contributions.
      Thanks to ALL of you kind commenters on behalf of said husband:)

  3. When you ask kids, you always get an answer – either interesting or fun or both, but always spot on. I think the name is perfect for the Christmas tree stump animal. A little bit of humour is always great. And Snort Snort Brain has character!

  4. I love this…little ones have a fresh take on life and I nearly ended up with a chicken called Window because of it!! Love to you x

  5. I love the way the wood grain follows the curve of the snout! This is so sweet!

  6. At least it is somewhat creative. It could have just been named Wooden Pig — there are stuffed animals at my house named Froggy, Snakey, Tigery, Blue Bear…well you get the picture.

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