BIG KIDS Magazine!

Exciting stuff.  Lots of excitement…where to begin…..Big Kids Magazine.   Go on, have a click on the link, then come on back.

Back?    Did the animation alone take you to the most magical of creative places?    It literally takes me to a place where my creative energies start a-jumping.  Now imagine riding that creative wave with thousands of kids through the pages of BIG KIDS Magazine.  It makes NO difference how old or young you happen to be.

A little back round: B-I-G stand for Bravery, Imagination and Generosity.  Indeed it does. Big Kids Magazine began with a note between two friends, Jo, a dancer and Lilly a visual artist.  In the note, Jo shared with Lilly a dream that was to become a reality; a wildly creative arts based magazine for children.

The senior editor is eight years old.  The magazine is both green and ethically produced.  With every subscription, a copy of the magazine is given to a child who may not otherwise be able to receive the magazine. Children, artists, parents and educators equally share a platform for collaboration, opportunity, discovery and a passion for making art a living breathing presence in everyday life.

I’ve so much to say about the philosophy of this Australian magazine, the creators, how/why they began this creative journey, and a little about my experience with  Big Kids that this is only the first post of three about this phenomenon of pure joy,  “..A world class artistic exchange”.*


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