Another in the self-portrait series.  This one reflects a moment of angst, appropriate to experimenting with the drama of harsh lighting.

Photographing this oil painting was a chore.  The gloss from the painting medium produced not only glare, but dots of shine reflecting the layers of medium on the raised bits of canvas texture, even though this is ultra smooth canvas. The image color, even with the aid of PS, was/is an issue.  Got to say that both portraits look far better in reality, even though “pretty” was never the goal;)

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Yeah, photographing oils is a real pain and I absolutely agree that the paintings are always so much better in the flesh, so to speak!
    Really nice work. Brilliant!

  2. hey elena…had to check out what you are doing:) the oil-ones, basically the good-old-handwork-ones (like this one here) are amazing. I`m having problems to just start one:)

    1. Thanks. I find it helps to have lots of projects;sketches, digital paintings, oils, multi-media stuff going all at once ’cause I don’t feel so much pressure about any of the work. Perhaps get some divergent sketches going add a little paint to one, and JUMPSTART!

  3. A terrific portrait. You stand on that boundary of light and dark and the pull of each is written in the angst described across your features. Nice work.

  4. Reproducing colours correctly is always a painstaking process in photography, not the least when you reproduce other art forms. I still love this painting. It does bring out some very emotional expressions. Harsh light is something we most of the time try to avoid in photography, but here it works perfectly to enhance the mood of the picture. Again I love seeing the whole process of how the painting came about. Great work!

  5. I think the photo of your “Harsh” painting looks great.. I like the dramatic, Caravaggio-type lighting.

  6. You are amazing. I love how you capture emotions and personality in your paintings. It’s on a level where few can be matched as equals. Wonderful work!

  7. Your paintings BLOW ME AWAY! They are amazing and I can’t imagine how incredible they look in person. Great work Elena!

  8. Hi Elena,
    The suggestion I have for you while painting and dealing with glare on the surface of your painting, is to have your canvas tilted slightly toward you from the top, but be careful to secure it well so it won’t fall forward. This works for me. As for the photography of such a piece, perhaps a professional photographer will contribute to this blog.
    Good Luck! Diane

  9. Interesting experiments… I loved them all… but first one and the last one hit much more to me… You did wonderful shots… Thank you dear Elena, you are amazing. With my love, nia

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