Photo Friday

Every Friday starting today, I will post one photograph.  No words:)

Comments on: "Photo Friday" (27)

  1. […] I stole this idea from elenacaravela’s quaint blog (hehe, quaint. Quail+paint?).Only she still has the idea. It’s still there. […]

  2. carpediemtome said:

    I absolutely love that! Superb!!!!

  3. I would do that too

  4. What a great idea!!!!

  5. beautiful 🙂

  6. Clouds gently bouncing down the hillside, love it!

  7. It’s beautiful !

  8. artblablablablog said:

    This is a great photo, makes me feel like I am a kid rolling down a hill!

  9. This is an intriguing photo. The clouds seem almost out of proportion to the landscape, especially the ‘snowball’ one.

    • Thanks! I shot it out the car windshield in the mountains of Pennsylvania, USA, and it really did look this. It intrigued me as well, and I think Christina put her finger on it-made me feel like a kid rolling down a hill.

  10. Speechless! 😀

  11. Images speak a thousand words!!! Awesome

  12. I’m always looking for another reason to look forward to Fridays 🙂

  13. But I can add words 🙂 So beautiful idea and wonderful start and amazing sky with green hills… Thank you dear Elena, it would be so exciting to follow. Good Luck, Love, nia

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