Sketch Distortions

Quick sketches with a twist of Photoshop distortion to push them just a little further.


Comments on: "Sketch Distortions" (44)

  1. love! You’re always so original. Beautiful!

  2. I love the girl’s hair in the first drawing!
    You are so good at watercolor!

  3. Photoshop certainly opens possibilities for enhancing, or just plain playing with one’s art. Nice work.

  4. artblablablablog said:

    opps! I double liked you, but I do double like you! These are wonderful, you have such wonderful drawing skills, the basis for great art always, very nice!

  5. A little twist of distortion really does make things exciting! These are interesting and beautiful, Elena.

  6. interesting– what you can do is amazing to me!

  7. Goodness me, you are talented! Love the flow and candid nature of these sketches and your use of colour to express but not overpower … nice!

  8. Kellie See said:

    I love these sketches. I particularly like the first one….It is my favourite. It reminds of Alice in Alice and wonderland.

  9. very cool work!

  10. Gorgeous Elena.. is the 3rd one Queen Elizabeth? 🙂

  11. Seems so exciting to make them, wonderful dear Elena, I loved them all. Thank you, with my love, nia

  12. I love the 1st girl! Reminds me when we had to sketch in one of my art classes and by the way you sketched the teacher would tell you what type of artist you lean more towards, of course being in fashion my sketches were very elongated figures and she said you love fashion don’t you! I said yeah. Then she said that the way I sketched I was good for fashion illustration. That is why I love that 1st one so much!! Keep at it, these can be another side of you!!! Just beautiful!!!

  13. Just wonderful!!!

  14. Jane Thorne said:

    I would love the lassie on my wall, she’s that good – vivid colour xx

  15. Jane Thorne said:

    Oh I just love these, do explore this one Elena…I love the lassie at the beginning looking so pensive,especially her feet xx

  16. Wow, these are so great! And all so different. I imagine the first girl is twirling and also deep in thought. I really love the expression you got with your quick sketch lines in the second one, and the third one is practically a whole novella captured in one sad and lonely face with her scarf and elaborate dress – and perhaps opera glasses rather than binoculars.

    • Much appreciated Cindy. Watercolor is a thorn in my side-I love how other people work with it, yourself included, but I struggle with it. PS to the rescue!

      • Oh my gosh I’m sure it would be a thorn in my side, too. I have been sticking to Copic markers! (But considering watercolor or more likely, acrylics. One of these days!)

      • REally? I knew you used markers too, but you get a great vibrant watercolor feel whatever you use!

  17. I like the vitality of the drawing, the choice of palette – and envy your use of Photoshop! (Hope this arrives!!)

    • Thanks Louis! Clearly, I’ve received this comment, but curiously, your last comment about this weird disconnect, was whited-out. Hope that’s the end the glitch.

  18. Delightful! The girl in the blue dress looks like she’s about to start dancing! 🙂

  19. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Love these Watercolors! Do more!

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