Sketchbook 3-4

These pages are created on stipple paper and the drawing pencils are augmented with liquid graphite or liquid pencil.

I’ve never played with liquid pencil before.  Mixed with a little water, the result is a silvery paint-like substance.  Fun!

Comments on: "Sketchbook 3-4" (35)

  1. Seriously Awesome!!

  2. Gorgeous work, Elena! Really captivating! Hard to believe you were just experimenting with the media! Looks like an elaborate Father/Mother Earth type image 🙂

  3. Deborah Gall said:

    Thanks for the like Elena! Love this piece. And your willingness to experiment…with great results actually. Inspiring!

  4. buddhafulkat said:

    This is really neat! I’ve never heard of liquid pencil before or stipple paper, but it looks fun!

  5. LOTS of fun! 😀

  6. another fun thing to do is shave or grind up some charcoal and use a bamboo brush dipped in water to apply it. i’ve not seen the liquid pencil, but i have shaved soft graphite with my exacto for the same purpose. really enjoying your work! 🙂

  7. Liquid pencil… hmmm. Never heard of it, but it looks like you have mastered it in this drawing of yours. Nice results.

  8. Kellie See said:

    Never heard of liquid pencil….I shall have to check that out and give it ago. I like the effect it gives, looks great.

  9. Wonderful effect, both the stippled paper and the liquid graphite…neither of which I have tried as yet..maybe soon though. I am intrigued.

  10. artblablablablog said:

    these are gorgeous elena! never heard of liquid pencil, it’s beautiful.

  11. Ooo I like the idea of liquid graphite..

  12. absolutely wonderful art in pencil. congratulations! 🙂

  13. Very cool Elena!

  14. WOW! Seems so beautiful… But what is stipple paper… I looked for this word, yes I understand dictionary says, to make pictures with dots… but stipple paper… I am searching… You did so interesting drawing, and I can’t believe with this technique such a beautiful one… You are amazing. Thank you dear Elena, have a nice day, love, nia

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