Sketchbook pages 5-6 graphite on block printing paper

To smudge or not to smudge.. three schools of thought, I think..

Some are opposed to using a finger or an implement to blur and fill with graphite, feeling that it’s a muddy and lazy process.  Others feel it’s the only way to modulate values.  Still others don’t make judgements about the do’s and dont’s of  technique.  Clearly,  I feel comfortable in the last camp;)

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. I love the octopus, its fantastic. I am currently working with charcoal and I am finding it a bit of a struggle to get the smudging and blending just right. Most of the time it looks a complete mess. You have totally mastered it though, it looks great as always :). Thanks for sharing.

  2. gorgeous smudging elena! the others clearly just don’t know how to do it right 😉

  3. I am also comfortable in the last camp. Will there be marshmallows? 😀 So, that running (or flying) girl is just beautiful. And then I was marveling at the octopus legs, not even realizing there was another girl under there! I hope it is a friendly relationship! She does not appear to be struggling so I will try not to worry. She looks adorable in her little dress and boots with her hair blowing. This whole drawing is just magical.

  4. Whatever you’re doing technique-wise, it’s working out splendidly from the results! Love the tentacles and hair…and dress. Billowy movement well-communicated.

  5. I really love this one…it was even more awesome because it surprised me. I saw the Octopus and a lot of tentacles, it wasn’t until I looked at it more closely that I saw the girl it was wrapped around…that was a cool “surprise moment”. Very beautiful this one. Very.

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