Tissue Sketch

Sketchbook Project 2013                            Tissue paper and graphite.

Comments on: "Tissue Sketch" (21)

  1. Great. You are doing amazing dear Elena, Thanks and love, nia

  2. I completely agree with both Louis and Karen on this Elena .. brilliant!

  3. This is Botticelli like face.

  4. Great sketch, luv the crumpled paper effect.

  5. artblablablablog said:

    This is fantastic, I LOVE it! You do amazing faces, the eyes have so much depth and emotion.

  6. I am frustrated Elena – the PC monitor can give me the image but it cannot adequately convey the texture of the materials and that is so important to this project. I want to ‘feel’ the tissue paper and see closely the nature of the texture on the graphite.

  7. Wow, that’s amazing!!

  8. Oh my. The glance, the tendrils … the gaze. Powerful in a smouldering way.

  9. Intense eyes. She is lovely and full of strength, the fragile crumpled paper ground is wonderful.

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