The Lake

Sketchbook Project  2013               Graphite 

I’ve entitled this sketch,  ” At the lake” because…   I’ve  always enjoyed trips to a lake.  But..there’s something exciting and a little bit creepy about the surroundings;murky water, snakes, mystery lurking.  This sketch captures how I felt as a kid, near the lake.

Comments on: "The Lake" (43)

  1. bellesogni said:

    Interesting subjects, very nice style. I like it!

  2. Awesome as always! I love your works!
    Artphalt (

  3. This is great and prompts a smile from the viewer! Thanks for sharing! Z

  4. I absolutely love this drawing, and can’t stop looking at it. There are such fascinating details. Each figure presents something that is both innocent and menacing at the same time. It’s absolutely splendid!

  5. Your sketch brings out a warmth in me.

  6. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    What wonderful creatures! And so well done. They don’t appear to mind their hybrid natures at all!

  7. Wonderful drawing. I always felt like the paintings of the dogs sitting around a table playing poker.

  8. I love the wording here, “mystery lurking”, because IT is pretty mysterious at a lake, the unknown. And I love how the water is sketched, and the feet lol 🙂 i’ll be following

  9. This is awesome! I maybe not the only one who keeps seeing people as animal characters? 😀 These are cute, not at all scary to me.

  10. I find this quite scary!!

  11. Eek! I adore this drawing. Wonderful work, Elena.

    I used to have a recurring dream as a child that had similar sketchy morphed characters.
    It was a little bit foreboding but fascinating all the same. This drawing completely brings me back to that.

  12. I see you looked at the world differently from a very young age. Wonderfully and wistfully brought together … the fox, deer and duck feet superb. I agree about trips to the lake, murky depths and the thrill of the hidden weed’s stroke!

  13. What a wonderful imaginaries… I loved it dear Elena, their faces are amazing… you are too. Thank you dear, love, nia

  14. I like this!
    8> V

  15. Wow! This is so weird and great! The foxy fellow with the lifejacket is my favorite. He looks like one cool cat. Er, fox. Little miss with the neat dress on the right looks like a deer, but a bit like a fox. And those duck feet, so cool! The animal faces are just really wonderful. So much magic and mystery about the whole thing.

  16. I love this elena! The animal faces are precious. Very cool combination of body parts too!

  17. Love how you related this back to your own childhood!

  18. So delightful, Elena…I love this!

  19. I know what you mean, Elena! Growing up on the Gulf of Mexico, water that I can’t see through kinda creeps me out… BUT, once I jump in it feels so good I stop reminding myself about what *might* be there… And I splash a lot and make a lot of noise, kinda like wandering through a big field of blackberry bushes with a big stick, to “scare” away the rattlesnakes, lol…
    Wonderful Whimsical sketch for that kind of Monday, thank you! 😀

  20. They are amazing, even the fish looks happy! LOL LOL.. Not sure what he’s fate is…

  21. fantastic critters! how we need those natural places to wonder

  22. Jane Thorne said:

    Oh I love this Elena, especially the fawn’s are so talented x

  23. I can see, you were a kid ( might be still IS :-)) who got spooky imagination.
    I like it.

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