Show Off

Last post you met the beautiful little guy who unlike his friends, returned to the same leaf, directly in front of me, and posed.  To be sure I got his best side, here are two more.  Enough now, I promise:)

Comments on: "Show Off" (28)

  1. love this! He’s standing on his head– or on his legs? I don’t know, but it’s lovely.

  2. They’re great – and the title is very well chosen!

  3. Kellie See said:

    Wow! great photos.

  4. Circus de soleil should study this shot:)

  5. Great shots… Thank you dear Elena, love, nia

  6. Hey…When you’re hot you’re hot! That was a cool series of shots. Someone is gonna want to buy the rights to them, and make a huge budget Action/sci-fi movie.

  7. looks like a perfect landing 😉

  8. Jane Thorne said:

    So self contained x

  9. LOVE DRAGONFLY’S!!!! Great shot!!!

  10. in the top one he looks like he’s standing on his head. excellent photos.

  11. He did a handstand for you! A show off for sure.
    When you’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it…

  12. lyndakanji said:

    Amazing shot!

  13. Breath-taking! He knew I needed a model for the fairy-dragonfly-angel pendulum wings!!! =D
    Did he inspire the in-the-woods sketch?

    • His image is yours for your reference! Love to see the project when you are finished. Actually, the little guy’s cousins inspired the drawing which in turn inspired me to wait patiently to get a decent shot of the family:) Thanks Leslee!

  14. Elena, very cute this bug, you surprised a excellent photo!

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