Gone Fishing

Sketchbook Project 2013                    Graphite 

Fishing for…information, gossip, compliments, sustenance, trouble…             Ideas?

Comments on: "Gone Fishing" (27)

  1. Seriously wonderful!
    fishing for…the truth? Unlikely to find it I’m thinking…

  2. Beautiful. Thank you dear Elena, love, nia

  3. rickbraveheart said:

    Love it. Absolutely wonderful Graphite with luscious details Elena.

  4. Very cool, Elena!

  5. I’m held by the rhythmic vitality of the drawing and by the sharp focusing of the bird and the lizard(?). I don’t find a narrative necessary.

  6. creative and interesting 🙂

  7. Did you choose your own theme this year, or are you doing each page as you are inspired separately? I’m going to do ‘Only Human’.

  8. I think she looks rather sad and lonely with her long nose 😦 She needs a friend.

  9. Are you doing The Sketchbook Project through Art House CoOp in NY? I’m doing that his year 🙂

    • Yes. Did one last year, and felt I needed to get back to just plain black and white sketching. I’m having fun, so it’s almost done! Post yours, would love to see!

      • wish I had known…I saw the show in Portland, OR for the 2012 Project. I had a book in that too. I would’ve checked yours out!
        You can find mine and a few of my friend’s on SnoBoots SketchCats on Facebook. There’s a link at the bottom of my home page if you’re interested.
        I love your sketch you posted! I just got my book and haven’t had a chance to start on more than ideas and some image collecting for inspiration. Enjoy it this year!

      • I’ve subscribed!

      • Cool, looking forward to seeing your book fill up…and working on one of my own too.

  10. Awesome…like the way you’ve totally filled the page with drawing…very nice!

  11. Whoa, super cool! I think I recognize a snowy egret (I lived in Florida for many years and my favorite part was the big water birds). But those intricate patterns, particularly the one with the fish, just wow! Another great spread.

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