Watercolor Wed.2

Last Wednesday I complained about my ineptitude with watercolor.  This week, I plod on, with three quick attempts at the same subject. Above is the most successful with regard to the look that I want.  I found that if I did not plan in pencil at all, I got a better result.

This first attempt was well planned with pencil, and it is too bright and too tight. Struggle is written all over it.

This second attempt is too loose and too tight.

And while I still can’t call the third attempt just right, I’m learning.

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. The ‘bright, tight’ version is well done in more of an illustration style, but your artistic expression is much more evident in your preferred choice. I understand why you’d like to push toward developing that, and I think the above advice of a larger brush is an excellent suggestion to ‘widen’ your expressive options. Wonderful work, and as has been mentioned over and over–great, intense emotion.

  2. I read a quote (which I cannot now find or source of course!) once to the effect that the artist is essentially too close to their work to ever be able to truly and objectively critique it. Each of the three works has merit in my eyes but you as the artist see so much more in them than we as the viewers do. Funny you think the first effort was the closest. I spent 15 years as a semi-professional musician and recorded more than a few times. Always the first take was the freshest! Most people wouldn’t hear the difference but we could hear the, as you say so well, the struggle written all over it … the labor … the searching.

    1. Quite so, my family are all musicians, and I they would agree, yet they still play the same riffs over and over looking for that something.. If you know what you’re after, it’s easier to capture. I’m getting a smidge closer:)

  3. You know, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself! We learn by doing the same thing over and over again, a little differently each time – but that’s how we learn and evolve our own style. Each of the portraits has merit in its own right – my only advice is to experiment, try using a larger brush and give your paintings more freedom.

  4. For me, each has a distinctly different feel from the other two – no doubt for the reasons you have identified. I, therefore, could like each according to the context in which it was presented. But, at present, you are particularly focused on mastery of technique and your criteria are more specifically defined.

  5. I love it! The first looks really amazing. I love the flow. The second one is dark, but I like it too. It almost adds more detail…but I love how the first is “incomplete” on the right side…nice elements together. You’re doing great! Watercolor is the bane of my creativity too…

  6. All three look quite stunning to me, but I can also see what you’re saying in regard to each one,and I do like the top one best. I am going in the opposite direction, where I’ve been spending much longer on the pencil drawing before adding ink. I think you’d need a really good grasp of subject drawing (like you have!) to leave off the pencil stage entirely. On the other hand, sometimes wonderful things happen when you just let the color go. 🙂

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