Watercolor Wed. 3

                                            Watercolor on Strathmore Windpower Watercolor Pad

I neglected to leave enough white/light space.   I’ve added a few strokes of opaque white watercolor to regain the white, but now the areas appear gray or dirty.  I also wish I’d left more light space in the faces. I’m learning.

I chickened out and went back to a pencil outline.  Sort of worked ok here, but  next time…


Comments on: "Watercolor Wed. 3" (27)

  1. I love this picture and all which you paint with watercolors,they looks very realistic.Well done 🙂

    Hawaii Art

  2. Nicely Painted !

  3. Now now, lets not be so hyper-critical. Looks like yo got them watercolors workin’ for ya.

  4. You’re too hard on yourself, Elena. This is a beautiful painting. I don’t see the flaws you pointed out, only what’s lovely about it.

    • Thanks so much. Here’s the impetus;I’m not getting any younger, and all my life as an artist, watercolor has evaded me. So I’m digging in my heals and I’m determined to learn what I need to understand to feel comfortable with the medium. I’m learning. You sweeten the adventure by cheering me on. Thanks:)

  5. You’re improving all the time! Do you feel like you’re beginning to get to grips with watercolour a little more these days?

  6. Amazing! I love it!

  7. Beautiful gestures of the figures, Elena.

  8. I think this is beautiful work. Far better than anything I’ve tried to do with watercolor…lol You’re great 🙂

  9. I love the playfulness of this picture and I like the palette. I’m less convinced by some of the modelling when you’re working in watercolour – but as a non-painter I’m scarcely qualified to comment!

  10. In a couple of hours I’ll want to embed myself in your watercolor and splash around in a puddle. 🙂 Nice imagery.

  11. This is beautiful dear Elena, not a problem to use pencil… I loved it so much, you are doing great. Thank you, love, nia

  12. really nice! and dont worry about the pencil, i still always have to have a general sketch put down before i start

    • Thanks! I’m finding my way with watercolor, and to use pencil or not seems to be an issue for me. I think with figures-yes, portraits, no.

      • Hello Elena. On the pencil issue, try using a watercolor pencil for the drawing, That way you can choose pencil colors that will work with the final colors of the image without graying anything out. Good luck. I love your paintings!

      • Great idea Adrienne! Thank you.

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