Watercolor Wed.4

I had some fun with this.  I’ve learned that I must never use pencil to plan a loose watercolor, but instead just go for it.  And, to experiment with color!

Comments on: "Watercolor Wed.4" (34)

  1. Littleskew said:

    The colours you have used here are beautiful

  2. Delight all around! 😀

  3. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Oh, this is just lovely! The brush strokes and your color choices are wonderful. I think watercolor is more your medium than you think it is, Elena!

  4. I truly enjoy your work…

  5. Exactly … lose the pencil … makes you think too much! 😉

  6. Love her expression, especially her eyebrows and the colors.

  7. Absolutely love the colours in this!! The purples, the blues, the oranges, they’re great. Thanks a million for sharing it with us.

  8. It seems as though there are fascinating thoughts going through that head…
    Beautiful energy and movement!

  9. Very cute nose.. she clearly has character !

  10. Her eyes tell it all — she has a robust personality. I love it.

  11. artblablablablog said:

    this one and the stylized blond are amazing! you are so incredibly talented.

    • You are very sweet. HEy, a post came through my email recently, but then it “could not be found”. Hope to see your work soon.

      • artblablablablog said:

        I was trying to retrieve garbage through a cache on google. It posted strangely and then I decided I did not get the garbage I was looking for, so I took it down. I am nearing the end of this ordeal, perhaps by September, maybe earlier! Yahoo, can’t wait to get this over with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Elena!

      • Great. Take care.

  12. interesting and colorful! Made me think about what might be going on in her head!

  13. So fun and beautiful! Wow, what an adorably mischievous and “give me a break” kind of look! Expressions are so difficult but you make it look easy. Beautiful colors, too. I am a little skeptical about “never use pencil” even for a loose image, but it clearly works for you! 🙂

  14. Ha ha ha She is cute isn’t she. !
    Well drawn.

  15. You went for it, and it turned out well.

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