Google Image Nightmares

I adore Google Images. I use it for all sorts of reasons, but occasionally something unexpectedly disturbing shows up while searching for an innocent, benign image like say, a mouse.

This guy is what the subconscious churns up after a little too much exposure;)


Thank you creative writers who already responded to my previousc post-Call For Writers.  I’ll be posting your ideas (with due credit), very soon.  Anyone who’d like a take a shot at writing a little something about the girl in the water, please feel free. You can include your words in a comment, or email them to me  Thanks!

Comments on: "Google Image Nightmares" (14)

  1. I don’t find him scary but rather love him… not sure what that says about me !

  2. That’s pretty cool. Looks like Bozo the Clown, gone berserk.

  3. He looks like he’s up to no good! But he is pretty awesome!

  4. Wow! I love it! I mean, it’s far too scary to hang anywhere I could see it regularly, but so cool! Whimsical yet sinister!

  5. My instinctive response was to smile! I’m sure with your imagination he has a future!

  6. Wow! He looks like something from a nightmare, he almost pops out of the paper. Cool, but scary. 🙂

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