Blurry Blue Heron

I know, it’s blurry.  I’d just arrived at the blind, camera still in the case, when this magnificent heron soared from nowhere, into my view. This photo illustrates MY thrill at capturing even a blurred image of this beauty.

Comments on: "Blurry Blue Heron" (18)

  1. A moment of excitement beautifully captured. The picture is about your feeling, and sharpness of focus is a matter of chance and of secondary importance.

  2. Wow, so very majestic!
    You were so close, how exciting!

  3. Wow what a beauty – somewhat more flamboyant than our dull Grey Herons !
    best wishes

  4. What a beauty!

  5. Wow, gorgeous bird!

  6. Gorgeous!! Lucky you! I have never captured one on film, but for years, one has lived on the river near my home and I’ve seen him dozens of times, once VERY close. An awesome picture, beautiful job you did!

  7. amazing that you captured it so well!

  8. So beautiful dear Elena, you are lucky to take his picture, when I saw my first heron (in UK) I made him afraid and he flew 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

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