Watercolor Wed. 8

As a portrait painter, my new challenge in watercolor is to quickly capture a natural  likeness.

When I work in oils, the process is forgiving, because I am able to walk away, reevaluate, and layer corrections to please both myself and the client.   The loose watercolor portraits of sisters above, were executed very quickly.  And because they were not commissioned work, I had the freedom to get very close to the likeness I’m always after, without worrying about nailing a likeness.  The upside is that with watercolor, the paintings are quick, and I can make many.  I’m hoping that in a relatively short amount of work time, if I paint several watercolors of a subject, I will be able to yield at least one likeness that will hit. We’ll see;)

Comments on: "Watercolor Wed. 8" (29)

  1. J M Naszady said:

    I admire your watercolor work, especially your portraits. They show me how much I need to loosen up!

  2. I must say that you truly have mastered this medium now. Amazing progress in such a short time.

  3. A very interesting group of ‘characters’, particularly in terms of your project. I’m a little undecided about the middle one – probably because I find the shadow tones too ‘punchy’.

  4. These have wonderful presence and beauty, Elena!

  5. You are amazing, I loved all these paintings… Thank you dear Elena, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  6. Nice challenge! I love your idea of doing several of the same subject to catch the likeness. I think the middle image is the most compelling but the third has a very ‘live’ appeal.

  7. These all look fantastic.

  8. wow very nice. the bottom one is my favourite. very cute

  9. Love all three paintings. Love the smile in the first painting, love the colors in the second painting, and love, love, love the chubby-cheeked girl in the last painting.

  10. Obviously you got skill, then you need to find a model looks like Mona Lisa.

  11. Wow, amazing! The middle one is my favorite, she’s got a wise and serious air about her. Great job on all three, they’ve got both style and personality!

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