Sketchbook Introductions

                                                                              Graphite                                             Introductions

Kind of how one feels at an awkward new school, new job,or new neighborhood orientation:)

Comments on: "Sketchbook Introductions" (27)

  1. Wonderful sketches, I love the bunny 🙂

  2. artblablablablog said:

    Ha! I’ve been that bird woman with the glasses! Amazing sketches, love them.

  3. Spot on and beautifully executed!

  4. Wow, brilliant! Each one captures that feeling expertly. My favorite would have to be that insanely adorable bunny face. So great!

  5. You are amazing I loved them, Thanks and Love, nia

  6. What an interesting analogy!

  7. Great capture of that awkward and earnest feeling. 🙂 The girl with the bunny body reminds me of how I feel when I’m supposed to do something physically co-ordinated in front of people. 🙂 Takes ‘all thumbs’ to a whole new level.

  8. Oh yes, that feeling. A bit awkward, vulnerable, and excited!
    What a great drawing!

  9. LOL! I feel like this everyday! I love these, it’s like looking in a mirror 🙂

  10. Wonderfully mellow sketches, Elena. I smell a story here…

  11. Love it! Right out of the sketch book is always good enough for me.

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