Sketchbook Magic?

Ya know how you see figures and creatures in marble, wood grains and shadows?  Below is an example of a sketchbook entry where I’m actively pulling out what I see, in an effort to allow others to see the same thing.

I’ll try to clarify:

The first two images are from my new sketchbook.  I’ve pasted in three discarded pieces of a failed monotype print. Before  fastening to the sketchbook,  I turned these discards every which way and discovered this magical scene from an imaginary children’s book.  I inked in some details.  Then with a little digital enhancement, I’ve tried to flesh out the scene, but not too much-trying to retain the magic I saw in the first place. But, I’ve no idea if anyone else sees what I do.

Can ya see it?  What do you see?

Comments on: "Sketchbook Magic?" (30)

  1. I see lots of possibilities! Monotype is a favorite art form of mine.

  2. Such a great idea. You have a wonderful imagination. I see a child riding a wolf amongst the clouds…or it could be a fox .

  3. ha.. I love this.. I see a child on the back of a beautiful rat.. and I’m always seeing things too 😉

  4. Yup, I definitely saw it right away. I thought the animal looked somewhat deer-like, though fox definitely works for me. This is one of my favorite ways to get inspired for artwork too, and one of my favorite image producers is denim. The uneven blue on white when you look closely suggests images to my eye, and I have tatooed my jean fabric stuffed elephant and the back of a jean jacket with blue ballpoint images. Very fun! Thanks for sharing the idea and your wonderful imagination here. You did a great job of bringing out what you were seeing!

  5. That’s just amazing…lol

  6. Elena, my dear, I decipher a child riding animal a flying among the clouds fluffy !
    Beautiful picture! Have a blessed Sunday and happiness! big hugs always with love, Stefania! 🙂

  7. Every time I look again I see another creature of whimsy. It’s always such a pleasure to see your artistic mind in motion 🙂

  8. Do you see what I see? A child, a child, riding through the night on a rat exploding in flight!

  9. I loved it dear Elena, so impressive and so artistic,Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  10. I admire your imagination, Elena. This reminds me of how I used to see patterns in my parent’s bathroom tile. Interesting…

    • That’s it Carol. We are see this magic, but it’s a challenge to present what we find so that it becomes visible to everyone. Thanks so much for your ongoing interest in my work:)

  11. Yes, a sea horse, and the most wonderful expression of pure magical joy on the child’s face. A very cool demonstration of your process.
    I relate to the “seeing things” part!

  12. I love the exhilarating fantasy ride of this young girl – I can hear her screeches of delight as she races off into a world of magic. But they seem to be pulling a trailer of some kind, containing what? A pig? Now that I can’t explain!!

  13. Same as the comments above — I see a boy riding a mythical wolf/cloud creature.

  14. Oh it’s lovely! I see an exhuberant child on her magical foxy steed as they soar through the clouds!

  15. how cool! I see a child riding a sea horse (who is smiling by the way) and who has a curly tail. THere is lots of sea foam all around them. Love this!

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