September Swamp

Big changes are taking place in the swamp. Below is a snapshot swan song for September’s swamp.

Comments on: "September Swamp" (22)

  1. It is beautiful. The birth and the living of life in the plant kingdom

  2. Lovely.. dampness captured..

  3. Kettle moraine ponds up here are totally dry. Where do the turtles winter when there’s no mud?

  4. the fourth picture is my favorite, lovely!

  5. Very lovely shots. My favorite is the second from the top–something about it I really love 🙂

  6. This is tremendous! I love a good swamp!

  7. artblablablablog said:

    Beautiful shots, love the pods, nice composition!

  8. These evoke that swampy earthy smell. Images full of texture, and that sense of squishing your rubber boots around the perimeter. i love fall.

  9. I like the sense of place each of the pictures suggests.

  10. They are beautiful and so artistic too. I loved them dear Elena. Thank you for sharing with us. Love, nia

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