Watercolor Wed.12

My friend’s dog Hershey here. Hershey is a good doggie and the paint quickly became form, except for the right ear, which required definition. Alas, I feel back upon opacity.

Comments on: "Watercolor Wed.12" (24)

  1. Kellie See said:

    I love the eyes. Wonderful 🙂

  2. artblablablablog said:

    I just want to pet Hershey. So much emotion in those eyes, beautiful, and I did not notice the ear. It is all amazing!

  3. this!! What a sweet pup. I can’t imagine that capturing him like this was easy. Sit boy..sit!

  4. Love those eyes …. There’s a wagging tail in their depths.

  5. buddhafulkat said:

    Instead of sad puppy dog eyes, those are wise eyes, full of thought. Love the use of red – has a powerful impact.

  6. Oh.. he has such sorrowful eyes Elena.. well expressed..

  7. oh dear how lovely… you are amazing artist. Thank you, love, nia

  8. Oh my gosh! I love this doggy. The eyes and the nose! Adorable

  9. I love this and the addition of touches of orange. Reminds me of my first dog, a chocolate lab and the most loyal dog I’ve ever shared my life with. You know I’m a huge fan of dogs!

  10. Watercolour Wednesday is always a treat!
    A very soulful portrait.

  11. Aww I really love this one 🙂 Look at those eyes…lol Great work.

  12. ‘How much longer do you want me to stand here? This is a dog’s life!’

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