Photo Friday 19

Comments on: "Photo Friday 19" (20)

  1. Wow, the colours are just wonderful. This, I believe, could be the best one you’ve posted so far.

  2. Gosh that is beautiful, Elena. The gorgeous jewel tones of Autumn.

  3. My immediate response was to the colours – the richness, the combination, the balance, the use of soft focus to blur the background. Its the sort of photo that makes me purr!!

  4. A nice and warm close-up in these autumn days – at least where I am at the moment. It makes you go back to those warm summer days when the sun was shining, it was warm, flowers were blooming and the bees were collecting nectar for the next offspring. Thank you for bringing back that feeling.

  5. This is lovely, Elena. Love the background colors and shock of deep pink/orange on the left.

  6. artblablablablog said:

    gorgeous colors elena! And such a happy little bee too….. 😉 nice shot.

  7. So colorful 🙂

  8. Oh! Sweet Bee!!! 🙂
    (Happy Friday, Elena!)

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