Pause Series Addition

                                                                          Oil Study on Wood Panel

I’m back to work on the Pause Series.  This time I’m disclosing the oil study before I present the final images.

The next seven Pause posts will be derivatives of the image above.  The process begins with a photo shoot, including fabric as a prop.  The subject has no idea that I am capturing the pause moments, the pensive moments, and not the posing moments. The next step; an oil study based on one of the unguarded/paused moments (above). The Pause images to follow, will wind up as very large custom prints. The process will dramatically rearrange features and expression. I’ll be posting one a week for seven weeks.

Comments on: "Pause Series Addition" (38)

  1. amazing expression on her face!

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  3. Great skin texture.

  4. This is soooo strong Elena.. I like it very much indeed

  5. This is gorgeous, Elena. I love the color scheme, the loose brush strokes, and the woman’s expression. She’s lovely.

  6. The details you include in your work is wonderful!

  7. buddhafulkat said:

    Such a gorgeous expressive piece. I love the vibrant red and green. Can’t wait to see the rest of the images as they unfold (or fold). =)

  8. Kellie See said:

    An amazing portrait Elena!

  9. incredible, inspiring, amazing, rich, vibrant, lively, stunning, beautiful……… there are not enough words !!!

  10. artblablablablog said:

    You’re talented AND sneaky during pauses Elena, she will never know how incredible she turned out! I look forward to the series, beautiful work.

  11. This is a striking portrait. I’ve no doubt you’ll find something new to say about it, but I suspect it will be different rather than an improvement.

  12. occultoantonio said:

    i like colours in this one. well done, my friend.

  13. A fascinating process, I look forward to following your series. Love the vitality in this picture, so alive.

  14. The tones in this are so striking. As always, I am in great admiration of your work, and look forward to seeing what develops.

  15. Oh, this is a powerful work. I like it.

  16. You are amazing dear Elena, I loved it so much, and I would like to see them all too. Thanks and Love, nia

  17. Wow, sounds like a cool process. The depth of features and the skin is just amazing! Really beautiful un-posed moment.

    I’m happy that I finally started doing faces but I’m still in the “put eyes in the right spot and angle lips properly phase”, and that’s really just 2D. Baby steps!

  18. Beautiful! ❤

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