Sketchbook:Early Fall

                       Sketchbook          Watercolor Pencil, White Gouache

I adore the forest just before the leaves begin to turn. The greens begin to transition into varied shades. Some leaves have already fallen; brown and crunchy.  As the leaves thin, vines are on display.  A few upstarts are already showing off their colors, but most here in my part of the world are holding back…for a few more days.


Comments on: "Sketchbook:Early Fall" (39)

  1. Somehow I think I’ve been here before…or in some equally magical spot in the woods nearby— in this very mellow transitional time of year. You have evoked a nice “memory”; that takes skill, & it’s a real gift!

  2. A beautiful woven landscape, Elena! There is magic here.

  3. Such a peaceful place, beautiful.

  4. artblablablablog said:

    this FEELS just like fall, beautiful, you nailed it!

  5. This is a wonderful drawing Elena. We are certainly on the same page with the Fall season upon us. I recently started a series of “Fall” landscapes. Stop by and check them out. I will subscribe to your blog and check out more of your work.

  6. Fantastic art work–this is very beautiful.

  7. we walked in such woods today, done wonderful!

  8. Gosh, this is so beautiful! I love this season too, so much colour and knitted clothes.

  9. I loved it so much dear Elena, you are amazing. Thanks and Love, nia

  10. Love the contrast, and as always, the fluidity and movement of your lines!

  11. What a magical dance is taking place here! I love the nature of the movement as well as the colours.

  12. Wow, really lovely tree and foliage! Wonderful job with the light filtering in. I would like to visit. It might be a magical forest!

  13. I let out a big, audible “ooh” at first sight of this sketch, Elena. I love this.

  14. Trees are brilliant to draw, this one was a great find by the looks of things, it has a wonderful shape. I love the little bursts of purple flowers all over too.

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  16. How magical! It feels like fairy could be peeking out from hiding… 🙂

  17. I love it. I think it’s the perfect look into nature before the change gets here officially. I’ll be excited to see the watercolor when it changes with all the reds and oranges and yellows.

  18. It’s beautiful❤

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