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  1. The beast within, love it! I just read your link you gave another commenter on the why and how of these, fascinating! Is this guy on silk? How do you print the photo on silk????? Amazing and creative work, always so expressive, the personality hiding between breaths…

    1. Hey Christina. The image of the oil painting is printed on silk then manipulated-it’s so pliable that I change so much. Then I shoot the pushed and pulled silk, and the final piece is printed as large as I can get. I could also print on mylar or silk as a final image. I love both the tried and true ways to make art and also the freedom of technology. Thanks for your question. I also love that you enjoy the images:)

      1. thanks elena, that is amazing that you are able to do that! I look forward to more of these, they are great and very original!

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