Sketchbook Hybrid

I seem to have collected many monotype discards.  Here I’ve collaged the left side of a face from rescued monotype material then inked in the right side.  To me, it looks like a sci-fiifeyed fantasy face.  Resistance is futile.

Comments on: "Sketchbook Hybrid" (28)

  1. Resistance is always futile Number 9. This is very different from what I’ve seen of you work before. Are ya gonna pursue this? Might be interesting.

  2. Very cool, it works just as well upside down!
    (mobile devices are good for that sort of thing)

  3. The upper lip area is so interesting. It reminds me of the lip on a ceramic bowl. Was that intentional?

  4. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    There’s your versatility again! It would make an awesome cover for a book or magazine. Nice work!

  5. The face has a vaguely feline look to it and hence suggestive of a sci-fi novel based on ailuromancy. Naturally!

  6. I see it…lol Very cool. I love your technique.

  7. Very sci-fi! Well done.

  8. Spontaneous discovery! My favorite flavor in the visual world!

  9. Your description is spot on!

  10. I do like that sci-fi quality about it.

  11. You are so versatile artist !
    Most of the surrealist paintings are Brain / Thinking’s creation.
    But you, the sensitivity based painter can create image like this, is remarkable.
    If I can ask more, I’d like to see more of your dark, murky nightmare here 🙂

  12. Repurposed art, cool!

  13. Very sci-fi. Looks like the Queen Borg actually…although much more beautiful.

  14. This is not your average Borg. I might happily become a non-resister.

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