Sketchbook Sci-Fi

I’m clearly really interested in putting my monotype discards to use as reinvented images. He’s another.

I see this as a glimpse into an alien home on a planet far from Earth.  This humanoid creature is troubled, looking out into space from a balcony in It’s home. Oh, and It’s wearing a very long sweeping scarf.  The image below is a detail revealing (hopefully), the creature.

Proof that I’m watching too many Star Trek reruns while I make these collages;)

Comments on: "Sketchbook Sci-Fi" (23)

  1. i think of david lynch… perhaps the Elephant Man.


  2. Cool. There’s no such thing as too much Star Trek.

  3. delightfully disturbing, especially the first one. I envision some slimy creature emerging from the darkness. the second one looks like a mushroom tilted over, very nice, Hmmm….Star Trek will do that to you, great stuff!

  4. It’s a little scary, it reminds me more of the movie Alien, when the humans were all trapped in that webby gluey stuff!!

  5. I love the quality a monotype has…
    Definitely a bit alien looking, but also very organic and flora-like. Beautiful and mysterious!

  6. il’s mysterious and a bit disturbing but exciting, It reminds me of Edgard Poe.

  7. No such thing as too much Startrek. Fact.

  8. I love these. That bottom one kind of looks like a mushroom. Great illustrations.

  9. Definitely alien and a little spooky. Ah ha, I do see the creature’s face! Though when I looked at the top image, I saw a glowing orb (far left), and some kind of long-haired being bent over it, and behind her another creature with (his) arm around her waist. Maybe. Will you add color to define some of the image you want people to see? Or leave it as is, a bit of a mystery?

  10. You are a troubled young woman, lol.

  11. Super 🙂 I Imagine, and its just as real.

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