Watercolor Wed. 15

Only had time for one this week.  Fantasy has been the theme lately so here she comes, a drippy fey.

Comments on: "Watercolor Wed. 15" (27)

  1. artblablablablog said:

    she is fabulous! such a bored expression on her face makes her fabulouser!

  2. This is such an incredibly strong water colour. I like the flow and dynamics of the strokes, The colours are eminent. And the character – the fey charm – comes alive. Is she a fairy, though, a witch or dream? Who knows? For me she is certainly a flower who have assumed human character. Her dress a flower’s petals. Simply beautiful.

  3. Wow, I love this!!! Did you use watercolors? This is gorgeous!!!

  4. Love it! fantasy is always a good theme in my opinion.

  5. The fey charm of a whirling dervish…

  6. She reminds me of a Mardi Gras doll. The colors are so fun and vibrant.

  7. “Only” had time for one…! It’s magnificient!

  8. Red is a favorite of mine….but the flow of the hair and the dress…LOVE IT!

  9. She looks like she might be about to float away. Gorgeous colours!

  10. Really love this painting ❤ beautiful colours! Amazing❤❤

  11. A floating, liquid figure – in more ways then one!!

  12. Oh she is too cool! Love the color! She definitely looks like a fey and wild creature with that wild hair and those big skirts.

  13. I really love your paintings… the looseness of the brush strokes and the transparency of the colors is breathtaking.

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