Halloween Watercolor Wed.

An adorable blue-haired demon child, pressed up against your screen door, demanding sweet treats! Happy Halloween!

Comments on: "Halloween Watercolor Wed." (30)

  1. A lovely, devilish water colour. She is both so cute and diabolic. She definitely wants something! I love the colours and your use of broad brush strokes.

  2. She has delightful chubby cheeks and needs no more sweeties I fear!

  3. very well done this little “diablotin” (small demon) 👿

  4. Stopped me dead in my tracks, this is awesome. Congratulations for your design and execution – simply lovely!

  5. Gorgeous color!

  6. The sweetest looking demon I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  7. Aww…such a sweet expression in those eyes.

  8. Very sweet! And she has a lovely, wise face.

  9. There is a twinkle in that eye! Love it! I hope I have one of these stop by…

  10. I love her! She IS adorable!

  11. This so lovely, Elena. I love her chubby cheeks, hands, and forearms–and the color scheme. And the subtle pumpkin on her shirt is a wonderful touch.

  12. ha! he is amazing, he gets the good stuff!

  13. Yes, tonight’s the night!

  14. Ha ha ha , she is cute !

  15. Excellent. Happy Halloween. Thanks and Love, nia

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