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  1. The sweet little on the most delicate branch, it’s head down while it is resting makes it all the more charming and the tree branches make it like a Japanese screen composition. It is soothing to look at, wonderful photograph.

  2. My (late) cat caught a bird – despite my frantic attempts to stop him. It was very early one spring and bitterly cold. I was too late to save it. When I picked it up I discovered it to be a young finch. And that it had no eyes. I mean, it’s eyes had never developed. How had it survived even one long winter, completely blind?

  3. Beautiful photo, very mouving. I have begun to feed them : blue tit, robin, great tit, willow tit, chiffchaff, great spotted woodpecker, hedge sparrow, wren and also …….. jay (“geai des chรชnes”)!….. ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. I’m worried about these small birds. It seemed most got through the hurricane but the ice storm Wed. night tortured them. I’ve put out seed and see only jays…

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