I’ve been observing the birds that come to eat at our feeder. They brave the elements, compete for a place, fuss and play, but they are always on alert.

It seems they can rarely truly rest.


Comments on: "Sketchbook:Vulnerable" (28)

  1. Elena, very nice sketch and so expressive! I love it so much!
    Have a wonderful day! With much love, Stefania!

  2. This is a hauntingly fragile drawing.

  3. artblablablablog said:

    Your expressive drawing and comment says it all. I have always marveled at the birds who build their nests on the tip top of a cactus and sit there during a monsoon. I don’t thinks they rest either.

  4. wow. your imagination amazes me

  5. Like a teenager about to leave the nest to make a life away from home.. the expression is most excellent Elena

  6. Amazing sketch, Elena 🙂

  7. For me there is something scary about the human bird’s vulnerability. Almost as if it survives these first vulnerable days of its life, it will grown up to become a dangerous vulture. Or maybe it’s just my imagination? It’s a great sketch with so much character and intensity.

  8. they seem so fragile. Well done it’s so moving 🙂

  9. An interesting analogy – an in different forms vulnerability remains a constant feature of the human condition.

  10. Fantastic composition, wonderful drawing!

  11. They are so restless, aren’t they? Constantly flitting about. Your sketch is so tender – vulnerable indeed. Beautiful.
    (Which reminds me, I must get bird seed today)

  12. So cool, I totally love the nest and all the different layers and styles of twigs that make it up. Adorable little creature in there too, snug in a blanket and maybe with some bird-like claws. Magical!

  13. I can feel the life struggle they must go through every day.

  14. It’s very beautiful, very artistic! Thanks for sharing.

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