Sketchbook: Guarding The Nest

Another collage: revitalizing torn, discarded monotypes-line via pen and ink.


Comments on: "Sketchbook: Guarding The Nest" (40)

  1. Beautiful drawing!

  2. exiledprospero said:

    These expressive lines conspire to create a wonderfully natural space.

  3. It’s beautiful Elena, the longer I looked, the more I saw.

  4. This is really beautiful. I like the result when you start to play with abstract form within a figurative baseline. It almost feels like a Chinese rice paper drawing. It makes me feel the calmness within the always chaotic world that we are part of – birds, human beings, anything alive.

  5. On quick glance, the nest looks like it could be a lioness, which makes this collage even more interesting. Love the bird, too.

  6. Awesome collage 😉

  7. Your line is really beautiful. Love the wild composition too – really spectacular.

  8. I’m intrigued by the use of lines, their varied weight and thickness, the quality of movement, the way in which they shape and balance the composition.

  9. Wonderful drawing with a great composition of lines.

  10. very nice sketch, Helen dear! “Returning birds nest” – very nice!
    Have a wonderful evening! Love, Stefania! 🙂

  11. Terrific. It’s often hard to salvage old works as effectively as you did. This one feels as though it was destined to look this way from the start. I especially like the way it seems to ripple and seethe across the page.

  12. settleandchase said:

    Just lovely. I can see lots of shapes in here – to me there’s a tiger/cat face and whiskers hiding in those nest lines!

  13. Gorgeous organic beauty! I love those lines.
    (I have a collection of little nests, they are just so amazingly built I find them fascinating.)

  14. Very nice. i always enjoy seeing stuff right out of the ol’ sketchbook.

  15. Oh, that’s lovely.

  16. beautiful and original, I love it!! I haven’t seen a lot of collages that are gray tones, but you pulled this off perfectly.

  17. Interesting… I love to watch your drawings… Thanks and Love, nia

  18. artblablablablog said:

    love this with all the textures, it feels twiggy, nesty, wonderful! I am always left with a feeling of wonderment elena.

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