Comments on: "Ice Drawings" (38)

  1. settleandchase said:

    Planets, worm trails and skies in the ice..fantastic!

  2. Awesome pictures, Elena.

  3. artblablablablog said:

    Oh wait, it’s the headache reading, they ARE AMAZING photos! I’m going back to bed now.

  4. artblablablablog said:

    OMG! these are NOT photos??? I thought they were amazing photos, but they are amazing on steroids drawings? You floor me.

  5. I thought it was photography at first this is amazing, you are too. Loved it. Thanks and Love, nia

  6. buddhafulkat said:

    oh wow, I thought they were photographs at first! so realistic, but with a dreamy quality too – beautiful!

  7. The swirls and irregular curves look beautiful frozen that way.

  8. Great details, Elena – they remind me of Eric Gill reliefs.

  9. Brrrutiful! Waiting for snow….

  10. So wonderful, Elena! I love how these set our imaginations off! Fabulous!

  11. Lovely Elena.. I long for just a little bit of winter.. we just have pretty endless greyness and rain here

  12. exiledprospero said:

    God’s sketchbook.

  13. Thanks to a comment about the Wicked Witch I noticed the different drawings! the first one is cool…a dolphin looking image…porpoise? did I get the animal right?

  14. Love it! Especially the third.

  15. Yes!! All very different. I like the wicked witch in the third one and also the eccentric guy in the first peering round a rock or object of some kind. (He’s more obvious if you rotate the image). But the abstract patterns are interesting without the narrative dimension.

  16. Contour maps of the pond. Very cool!
    Ice and water in all it’s formation possibilities is truly astounding.

  17. Ok, it’s official. Nature is neat! My favorite is that alien landscape at the bottom, with the moon (if you rotate it 90 degree counter clockwise, anyway). 🙂

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