Watercolor Wednesday


This image will be showing up again changed, in my new series.   The darks are blue + it’s complement-orange.  A flick of isopropyl alcohol to create the interest in the hair.

Here is it with no digital interference,


Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (50)

  1. I love the way she emerges from the smoke/ stains with her sorrowful, dread-filled eyes.

  2. exiledprospero said:

    Bewilderment in Blue.

  3. A haunting face Elena, I’ve seen this expression on the faces of refugees.

  4. Those eyes…

  5. This one is really beautiful!

  6. I like this – I like the wayward freedom of the hair, the restricted paelette, and the contrast of the strong facial features with the ‘looser’ treatment of the rest of the picture.

  7. Amazing piece and lovely blue color! The hair is impressive, great job.

  8. Very captivating, Elena… especially the eyes. What size is it?

  9. Very nice work, Elana. I see it as a fleeting spirit, and maybe in transition. Purgatory comes to mind, and like finding out there’s nothing more. Fear and disappointment.

  10. A haunting expression…I love the blues. Can’t wait to see the changes you decide on.

  11. I’m not sure I see sadness in this face, but perhaps intense apprehension. I think the use of blue steers people to interpret it as sad, but there’s definitely more nuance than that. I can’t wait to see how this translates into digital.

  12. It’s really lovely… underwater elemental!!

  13. artblablablablog said:

    LOVE this with the haunting and tormented eyes, the limited pallet and the free form hair that seems to have other lives going on in there, as always, beautiful work elena!

  14. Wow! What a compelling face. Beautiful features, especially those eyes!

  15. Very psychedelic. The way the hair bubbles and flows away makes for an interesting picture. I like the use of a very limited colour palette and the technique with isopropyl alcohol. It’s a delightful water colour.

  16. I should add that I’m in the National Portrait Gallery at the moment, and it seems fitting to see this portrait up on that wall in front of me. 🙂

  17. Nice work. Alcohol always helps my work too. 🙂

  18. How captivating….I love the expressive darks shadows under the eyes, it gives off a certain look that matches the blues you have chosen. A self-portrait?

  19. Great job Elena. I agree, her eyes are haunting.

  20. Intense and haunting.
    She is emerging from liquid – gorgeous.

  21. Fantastic piece of work Elena. Your creation fills my screen with emotion, as I watch the blues creep over and into her being – her eyes seek my attention, as her mouth sags with only the reality of life can bring. I’m looking forward to more – this creature of life has a story worthy of telling ~

  22. Beautiful painting…..

  23. The process for the hair is fascinating. I think her hair looks fluffy and perfect. Her face is so sad. A look of worry, extreme worry and such exhaustion.
    The blue, for her expression, is stellar.

  24. WOW! So impressive… Great job dear Elena, Thanks and Love, nia

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