Bird-Child Series


This is the second birdie child-vison influenced image.

Most of the elements in this piece began as really loose watercolor paintings. I brought them into Photoshop and digitally placed and painted.

I almost always put in a little more work after I show you what I’m up too. This piece is no exception, but I need a little time to know just what I want to do.

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Another supreme beauty Elena…something odd we just noticed – in my most recent pictures, the green third down – some really similar shapes, almost as if they have sprouted from the same world, one coloured, one black and white – some similar movement or something, it’s quite odd, can you see it?! I’d absolutely love to see your little figure float across in my emerald scene..

    1. Yes! We must be astral projecting to the same plane;) I do love your work and I think we both appreciate the natural magic in the world. If you like, I’ll send you a figure to place in your scene, or you could send me a scene and we could collaborate:)

  2. This reminds me of my childhood. I always felt that I could fly if I really tried. And did fly so often in my dreams. I finally took flight lessons, and flew up through the clouds.

  3. I’m reminded of the Cumaean Sibyl who failed to ask for eternal youth. With age her body grew smaller and smaller, till she was kept in a tiny cage. The epigraph to T. S. Eliot’s poem, “The Waste Land” makes reference to this.

    By aside from this literary connection, your bird/child phantasm is truly glorious.

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