Watercolor Wednesday


A good-natured, early morning, pop in the teeth, just out of bed, ten minute portrait!

Nope, nobody I know.  Really.  Only  loosely based on someone I know.  Nope, not telling.   She’s pure fiction.   Such fun watching her materialize!

BTW, not talking about my teeth. They stay put.

Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (65)

  1. poppytump said:

    I’ve seen a few out in their teeth and take them out and lose them in my time Elena, but this takes the biscuit for hilarity 🙂
    Wonderful depiction of morning ritual familiar to so many ! oo but not me 😉

  2. Beautiful painting, dear Elena. Excellent color!
    You thought a somewhat older person is forced to have dentures?
    Have a wonderful day! Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  3. […] to Elena Caravela for the inspiration.  Check out her fantastic work on her blog, here.  I adore her bold use of color – realistic in only the loosest sense.  She also employs […]

  4. She is delightfully mad, you know. 🙂

  5. settleandchase said:

    Oh, she is beautiful, full of colour, alive!

  6. I just love this!! What a wonderful character study!

  7. She’s fabulous, Elena! Beautifully defined/ captured.

  8. Hehehehe!!!! was thinking to myself..”oh, she is so brave to mention about popping in her teeth!!”..
    The colours are pretty and yes….bright! 🙂

  9. I love this painting, Elena. The good natured woman. The personality that shines through. The color. Oh, yes, the color!

  10. Spontaneous combustion….. your ideas spark such magic!

  11. hurrah for the colors! 😉

  12. This painting makes me smile! Thank you!!!

  13. OMG, popping in teeth???? Gotta do it, right, love it, love the colors, she is happy and adorable and so well done.

  14. Mischievous and/or impish are the adjectives that spring to mind! Definitely a complex character. I just love all those colors you use!

  15. oh, i want to meet this purely fictional lady. fabulous!

  16. She is completely charming – teeth or no teeth. Love it – this puts a big smile on my face.

  17. Ha ha ha Amazing !

  18. Lovely Elena! 🙂

  19. You’ve a wicked sense of humour Elena!!!

  20. exiledprospero said:

    Her teeth, once loosely based in the pinkish folds of her gums …

  21. This is great! I love the teeth!

  22. Your art is amazing!

  23. Oh how funny, but so well done!!

  24. occultoantonio said:

    Very Nice, well done.

  25. Love it!!!!

  26. nice and fresh and very well done! great work!

  27. Your watercolors are always my favorites. There is always so much color and expression! I love this one. Such a raw and intimate moment….just for the fact….who captures someone doing this? So beautiful.

    • Thanks so much Eon. BTW, I’m back to not being able to leave a comment on your blog.
      So sorry. I’d love to comment but it just won’t allow me to.

      • Why does it do that? So weird. I may have to just completely delete this comment system I’m using, because I don’t like that. If you have a problem, others way too. I’ll look into it today. Thanks for letting me know again.

  28. I do believe you’re the first artist in history to capture the denture moment… and capture it with such beauty! Love it!

  29. Love it. Plus a worthy message: Leaving the house without ones teeth could ruin your whole day.

  30. A great moment to portraitize! Who would have thought of that? You.

  31. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Love this one. She’s awesome.

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