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  1. This is very pretty, Spring is not long to come, maybe 21 days, I bet they are ready. πŸ™‚

  2. I love the backdrop with its strong verticals of reeds and saplings and its splash of russet coloured leaves. It contrasts beautifully with the calm, smooth surface of the water. I like too the limited palette – it contributes to the overall mood. My one slight reservation relates to the amount of foreground. I would have been inclined to crop a sliver off the bottom – but its not my picture, and I’m splitting hairs. Its really a lovely picture.

  3. Aside from the family of geese, the contrasts in this piece really make it special. I like how the bottom section is very light in value with a heavy, chaotic texture. The top half of the picture is dark with rigidly vertical strokes.

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