Watercolor Wednesday


Kiss kiss winter good-bye!

Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (59)

  1. Beautiful! You sure know how to play with colours!

  2. LOL! I was wondering how in the world did everyone know that this lady was winter and saying goodbye..and then I read the little caption below the painting…teehee

  3. settleandchase said:

    Oh yes, goodbye to it for a while I say! Great gesture to this, she looks defiant almost..

  4. Winter is lingering and so is this stunning painting, I’m making space in the national portrait gallery for this one too.

  5. I thiknk she is prematurely kissing winter goodbye! Great work as always Elena.. so very talented

  6. elmediat said:

    Beautiful. Great idea for winter.

  7. Brilliant! It reminds me of my aunt.

  8. artblablablablog said:

    smmmaaack! love it!

  9. Looks like she’s puckering up for a kiss 🙂

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog, Elena. With few strokes of your water color, if you can bring out such lively expressions – then the best are yet to come from you – we wait. Congrats.

  11. This made me smile.

  12. You capture character so beautifully Elena – there is a whole story in that face!

  13. Wow what an amazing water colour….just found your blog through janaswhimsies 🙂

  14. I know the feeling! I do hope it is goodbye!!

  15. Oh yes, bye bye winter with beautiful warm colors. 🙂

  16. Yes, kiss it googbye!! Love the colors and perfect to welcome spring!

  17. I always look forward to Watercolour Wednesday! I love this weeks portrait! 🙂

  18. Nothing better than a colourful portrait with a mocking face to say goodbye to this grey winter and welcome to spring.

  19. You sure do have a strong ability to capture attitude on paper. So much feeling!

  20. Winter wants to linger…
    Wonderful work, love your humour! : )

  21. The colors and the expression, as always, incredible!

  22. Elena, you tell Ms. Winter that there’s no smooching till she’s really gone! 😉

  23. Wonderful looking and giving a kiss… You are amazing dear Elena, Thanks and Love, nia

  24. Ha ha! Yes, goodbye. I love it 🙂

  25. Yes! I love this!

  26. Grandma smooch!
    I love it, like everything you do. Your water colors are so beautiful.

  27. She is charming! Looks like she’s got a whole lot of stories, some of which might be quite surprising indeed. How I wish I could kiss winter goodbye. Chicago area is supposed to get 8 inches of snow this Sunday. Arrrgh!

  28. Strong color, strong even rough blush stroke,
    still on the end, the reality, and almost curved
    like 3D presence seems a magic to me.
    I don’t know the person though, she must be almost
    horrified to see its likeliness and the reality which
    exposed her personality. Great portrait.
    Well done Elena.

  29. Very beautiful picture, dear Elena …. very expressive!
    Yes, agree with you – goodbye winter!
    Have a wonderful day and many blessings, dear Elena!
    Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

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