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  1. Ooo…a tiny island on a partially frozen / thawing out pond? Can you imagine if it is inhabited by little beings and that is their world…and their space is the water..that freezes in winter! Can you imagine our skies…..flowing like water and then some long months when it remains frozen in time??

  2. This is a delightful, unpretentious picture of a little island with oodles of character and its own climate! If you worked on this further I think the island would lose its innocence and charm. I love it.

  3. It makes me feel cold when I look at the picture. It’s spring, but there is still snow in the air, and even autumn is still present in the picture. It’s almost like that little island is shaking. I think it needs some company. Lovely picture, Elena.

    1. Hello Otto! Yes, you’ve picked up all of the elements that caused me to marvel and capture the image. Not the greatest photo, but an image I wanted to share. You should have seen it in person-so odd and interesting:)

  4. I love that picture it s a beautiful little island in the middle of winter/spring

  5. It looks like a Japanese Bonzai or Ikebana (flower arrangement)
    which got its own Universe. And it’s in the real nature.
    How beautiful image you created !

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