The Egg


I fought with this bird-child piece for quite a while. The composition is strange, but trust me, it was stranger before I cropped it.  Thanks to my son, who is an excellent critic, I was able to move away from elements I was hanging onto, and make changes for the better.  I need some time away from this piece to effect more changes.

And, it’s blue:)

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. All the elements in this picture are exquisite and contribute to a compelling, tense ‘story’ but like you said, the way they relate visually within the space seems awkward. The solution *will* probably be pretty apparent after a little time away from this piece.

  2. I looked through many of the illustrations that you posted.
    I wish I had this drawing talent also! But alas….
    My mom was an excellent artist. I used to watch her paint beautiful pictures, some with oils and others with watercolors.
    Although I can write, I didn’t get that illustration gene. Sigh.

  3. Absolutely your best painting yet, Elena. I love the delicate bird child, the faint face on the surface–or perhaps inside the egg, the texture of the nest, and shades of blue. Bravo!

  4. Wow what a wonderful surprise! This was a real pleasure to open up to today – you captured so many fantastic moments in this piece, from the fairy’s grace looking over the young, the larger bird (Mom?) forcing the wee-one out of the nest and the little one, well she is just precious!!! You give a human element to this fascinating piece welcoming the viewers to experience their personal reactions to the fantasy. Your level of creativity makes you a very unique and gifted artist – fascinating being on this journey with you!

  5. There is so much to look at in this painting, I was so absorbed in the egg and the bird child that I didn’t see the huge bird for ages. Is the child coming out of the egg or just nestling near it? I’m not sure. It’s strangely beautiful and slightly scary….

    1. The bird-child is tempting fate-stay or go, seems equally scary. Thank you. I appreciate your reaction. It allows me to see it differently, which I really need to do. And, I do enjoy a bit of a scare:)

  6. The Bird Child is gorgeous. Reminds me of my little one with her wispy hair 🙂
    I’ve rescued a few little birds in the past … and maybe it is just the parent in me … but I want to reach into the painting and take her somewhere safe.
    I promise I will care for her Elena. I’d raise her well! 😉

    1. You’ve tapped into exactly the feeling I’m after. Thank you! That vulnerability, with danger lurking, but we’re not entirely sure from where it comes. Exactly the feeling of a parent letting a little one out into the world, anytime they are out of a direct line of sight. The protective quality that extends to any creature that is vulnerable. You must be the best Dad and protector of small things! I try to protect anything I can as well:) Thanks so much!

  7. Elena I am having difficulty with this – and clearly it is my fault judging by the comments from others. While I admire your artistry as ever, I am not comfortable with the picture – I find it disquieting and disturbing.

    1. I appreciate your comment Louis! I’m comfortable with disquieting. I’m after a sort of Grimm’s fairytale current. I’m disturbed with it beyond that however, seeking to make it a just plain better image. That’s why we keep making images-after that elusive…something.

  8. Wow! So magical. First of all, LOVE this color blue and the lights and darks. So pretty! Is the face a reflection from the moon? A lovely and magical egg? The reflected face is so ethereal. Love the small one with her cute teeny face and awkward limbs too. I don’t have to know all the answers! It’s neat to have unanswered questions. (Unless you want to answer them.) ;D

  9. Very interesting painting … but beautiful!
    I like blue.
    I would like to see changes you make!
    Have a wonderful evening and many blessings!
    Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  10. I love that the background is more distinct than much of the foreground. It really leads your eye through the entire composition!

  11. I must confess I have totally fallen in love with your bird children. I image them scampering around the landscapes you are used to photograph.

    The bluish hue adds to scene a moon light quality I like very much

  12. Beautiful, sharp and soft at the same time. Well done for hanging in there with it Elena and listening to your son’s loving critique. J xx

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