Watercolor Wednesday


A very quick painting this week.  I’m working on new images/ collaborations.  Can’t wait to show you:)

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. I’m like a biiiird…..something something….and I know for sure that the song had the words flying free! (the Nelly Furtado song..hehehe).
    I can just sense the freeeeeeedom of expanding wings and taking off!!!!!

  2. I’m always amazed at what you manage to create with watercolours! I never managed to figure them out at all. Maybe I should give them another chance at some point! See, your work is inspiring!

  3. Very striking image !
    What impressed me most is the expression of bird,
    resolutely aiming high one direction.
    Was that what bird expressed or Elena’s mind ?

  4. Can’t wait to see! This one is endearing and, as usual, eye catching. But now you’ve got me curious about what’s next on your platter.

    1. Isabella, I expect to see wonderful watercolors on your blog in about…two weeks time:) I don’t imagine anything less than wonderful from you when you put your mind and heart to work. Thank you. Much appreciated:)

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